40 Programming Myths: The real art of tactical programming

40 Programming Myths: The real art of tactical programming
English | 2017 | ASIN: B073Z743DY | 28 pages | AZW3/EPUB/PDF (converted) | 927 Kb

40 Programming Myths
The real art of tactical programming

All the recommendations and programming tips that are collected in this book; I give based on personal experience.
I hope they will help the beginning programmers to become better!

The general myths about programming
Myths about teaching programming
Myths about limitations
Myths about the capabilities of programmers
Myths about developer tools
How to become a programmer?

The image of a geek – an awkward introvert in an elongated sweatshirt, which reads comic books and is well versed in science – is actively popularized in society. "Smart is the new sexy", – said Howard from the series "The Big Bang Theory" almost 10 years ago. Since that time, oil has only been poured into the furnace – Mark Zuckerberg, who wears sandals on socks, and Sergey Brin, flaunting in Crocs, have become symbols of the generation. They are equal, they are envious. It’s no longer a shame to be a botanist, even the opposite – it’s embarrassing to be stupid. The apogee of this image is those who are called coders, developers or Software Engineers – programmers.

Popularity is explained by the importance of the profession for society. While actors and musicians influence the mood of people, programmers directly change their lives. Remember the world before Uber, Airbnb or Google. Remember it before PayPal, eBay and Facebook. And this is just something that people face directly and regularly.
The importance of the profession puts it on a par with the astronauts and scientists, close to the superheroes of comics.




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