Apple TV App Development for tvOS (update)

Udemy – Apple TV App Development for tvOS (update)
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Everything you need to know to build apps and games for the Apple TV on tvOS including TVML, Swift, and SpriteKit
If the new Apple TV and the Apple TV App Store Excite you then this is the place to be to learn everything you need to know about Apple TV development.
Apple TV is no small addition to the world of App Development. There is so much to learn and the Apple TV expects a different user experience and has different design and coding requirements.
What you will learn
You will be learning native tvOS development which uses iOS frameworks with Swift 2
You will also be learning how to build Client-Server apps which use Apple’s new markup language TVML. TVML apps use Javascript.
You will learn how to build Apple TV games with SpriteKit
This course is brought to you by the creator of iOS 9 & Swift 2: From Beginner to Paid Professional, THE best iOS 9 course on the Internet.
The goal of this course is to be the absolute BEST and most-effective Apple TV course on the Internet.
How the course works
You’ll be provided with a series of videos. Watch those videos over and over again until you understand the concepts completely. Then try building that same app from memory on your own
You are also provided with exercises that help you work and learn on your own so you can retain the knowledge
Why take this course?
Here are a few reason to take this course:
I teach you what you are really going to use in the real world, not some obscure concepts
I don’t read from scripts in any of our courses. I teach you real world development so you can see how to actually solve problems (other courses just teach x,y,z and don’t give you the why behind what you are doing.
You won’t find a better course on the Internet!!!
You get lifetime access to Live help through our chatrooms and Forums.

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