Cisco CCDP 300-320 (ARCH) Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures (2016)



This Cisco ARCH video training course with Jeremy Cioara covers the professional-level content you need to design an enterprise-grade network from the ground up, as well as prepare for the Cisco CCDP Cisco certification. The breadth of knowledge covered in Cisco ARCH is tremendous, so be sure you go through CBT Nuggets’ Cisco ROUTE and SWITCH courses before diving into ARCH!

Often, Cisco engineers feel they are simply kept on staff to “fix something if it breaks.” Nothing could be further from the truth in a well designed network. Cisco engineers should be in a constant and perpetual state of Prepare, Plan, Design, Implement, Operate, and Optimize (PPDIOO). In this course, we cover a tremendous breadth of information dealing with implementing network systems the right way, from the beginning. You also learn to bring a system that is slightly off kilter (or perhaps very off kilter) back into a good design. This training also can prepare you for CCDP Cisco certification. The course focuses primarily on three topic areas:
Enterprise campus infrastructure network fabric (layer 1/2) design
Enterprise campus infrastructure IP address and routing (layer 3) design
Enterprise data center design

Recommended Experience
Cisco CCNA-certified (or equivalent experience)
Comfortable with the information contained in the Cisco CCNP Routing and Switching 300-101 ROUTE course
Comfortable with the information contained in the Cisco CCNP Routing and Switching 300-115 SWITCH course
Recommended Equipment
Cisco design series is more conceptual in nature.
Related Certifications
Cisco Certified Design Professional (CCDP)
Related Job Functions
Enterprise network design
Network design consultant
Cisco best practices in network design
Jeremy Cioara has been a CBT Nuggets trainer since 2003 and holds a variety of Cisco certifications, including CCNA, CCDA, CCNA Security, CCNA Voice, CCNP, CCSP, CCVP, CCDP, and CCIE R&S.

1. Welcome to ARCH (12 min)
2. Welcome to the ARCH 3.0 Update Pack (2 min)
3. Models: Understanding the Cisco Hierarchical Network Model (12 min)
4. Models: The ECN Modular Network Design (7 min)
5. Models: Describing a Network Lifecycle with PPDIOO (14 min)
6. Campus: High Availability Design (12 min)
7. Campus: Spanning Tree Protocol Review (9 min)
8. Campus: Spanning Tree Protocol Best Design Practices (12 min)
9. Campus: Etherchannel and UDLD Design (9 min)
10. Campus: Access to Distribution Block Designs (6 min)
11. Campus: Managing Bandwidth and Oversubscription (9 min)
12. Campus: Optimizing Routing and FHRPs (18 min)
13. Campus: IP Telephony Design Considerations (13 min)
14. Campus: IPv4 Address Planning (16 min)
15. Campus: IPv6 Address Planning (11 min)
16. Routing Protocols: EIGRP Design Principles (8 min)
17. Routing Protocols: OSPF Design Principles (15 min)
18. Routing Protocols: BGP Design Principles (14 min)
19. Routing Protocols: Summarization, Redistribution, and Filtering (13 min)
20. WAN Services: Fiber Optic Connections (SONET / SDH) (21 min)
21. WAN Services: Metro Ethernet (9 min)
22. WAN Services: The VLAN Private Line Service (VPLS) (7 min)
23. WAN Services: MPLS (8 min)
24. WAN Services: Choosing and Monitoring the Service Provider (14 min)
25. Data Center: Core Design Models (8 min)
26. Data Center: Aggregation Layer Design (15 min)
27. Data Center: Access Layer Design (9 min)
28. Data Center: Blade Server Design (4 min)
29. Data Center: Scaling Your Architecture (11 min)
30. Data Center: Using Bandwidth Effectively (8 min)
31. Data Center: STP in the Data Center (10 min)
32. Data Center: High Availability (6 min)
33. SAN Technology: Understanding the Bits and Pieces (13 min)
34. SAN Technology: Protocols and Standards (10 min)
35. SAN Technology: SAN Design (5 min)
36. E-Commerce: The Design that Must Stay Up (11 min)
37. E-Commerce: Internet Connections (13 min)
38. E-Commerce: Deep Dive (12 min)
39. Security: Firewall Design (13 min)
40. Security: IPS Design (10 min)
41. VPN: Remote Access VPN Design (11 min)
42. VPN: Site-to-Site VPN Design (8 min)
43. VPN: Variations (5 min)
44. VPN: Scalability (6 min)
45. Multicast: Concept Review (17 min)
46. Multicast: Multicast Routing with PIM (15 min)
47. Wireless: Design Principles (21 min)
48. Network Management: Tools at Your Disposal (8 min)
49. Network Management: Netflow (6 min)
50. Network Management: NBAR and AutoQoS (15 min)
51. Network Management: IP SLA (7 min)
52. ARCH 3.0: IS-IS Routing Design, IS-IS Overview (17 min)
53. ARCH 3.0: IS-IS Neighbors and Area Design (15 min)
54. ARCH 3.0: The Keys to IS-IS Addressing (9 min)
55. ARCH 3.0: Inside the Simple Routing Mind of IS-IS (10 min)
56. ARCH 3.0: IS-IS Design Principles (11 min)
57. ARCH 3.0: Data Center – Virtual Port Channel, Multichassis Etherchannel, and Fabric Extenders (10 min)
58. ARCH 3.0: Cisco’s TRILL Solution: FabricPath (8 min)
59. ARCH 3.0: What is SDN? (9 min)
60. ARCH 3.0: How SDN Works (10 min)
61. ARCH 3.0: Data Center Interconnects (DCI) (15 min)
62. ARCH 3.0: QoS Overview and Models (14 min)
63. ARCH 3.0: QoS — Tools of the Trade (16 min)
64. ARCH 3.0: QoS — Understanding the Two Models (6 min)
65. ARCH 3.0: QoS — Deploying QoS (16 min)
66. ARCH 3.0: QoS — Big Picture Design (14 min)
67. ARCH 3.0: IPv6 Addressing and Subnetting Review (11 min)
68. ARCH 3.0: How to Get Started with IPv6 (11 min)
69. ARCH 3.0: IPv6 — Transition Mechanisms (14 min)








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