DiskPulse Ultimate 10.5.14

DiskPulse Ultimate 10.5.14 | File size: 13 MB

Disk Pulse – software for monitoring the hard drive of your computer, allows you to monitor one or more disks or directories and detect changes in the file system. DiskPulse shows in real time all the changes on the selected drive or directory, to determine the change of system files. As you get information quickly, you can solve the problem in time. If you leave the settings as is, the user can get information about all the changes throughout the system. However, if a little digging in the settings, it is possible to reduce the flow of information.

The program will be very useful for those who miss the dense flow of information through your computer. Testing programs, work with trackers, design and editing in particular. Utility instantly alert you of any error record on the HDD, malfunctions and resolve problems faster. You can send e-mail notifications or execute custom commands in the event of one or more critical changes.

• Monitor real-time changes to your hard drive.
• Analysis of the detected changes.
• Filtering files detected changes.
• Save a report on all changes.
• Tracking changes in specific types of files.
• Sending e-mail notifications.
• Implementation of actions the user assigned.
• Command line support.

Ultimate Features
Maximum Number of Files 50 M
Maximum Storage Capacity 50 TB
Maximum Number of Monitors 50
Support for Long File Names
Support for Unicode File Names
Monitor Multiple Disks or Directories
User-Selectable Monitoring Events
File Categories and File Filters
Option to Monitor Specific File Types
Option to Send E-Mail Notifications
Option to Execute Custom Commands
HTML, PDF, Excel CSV and Text Reports
xport Reports to an SQL Database
Search Changes in the Database
DiskPulse Command Line Utility




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