Photigy – Expert Jewelry Photography Course (Bundle)

This bundle includes: Jewelry Photography (advanced). Part1, Studio work and Jewelry Photography (advanced). Part 2, Post-Production.

Jewelry photography is easy! Do not believe it? Find hidden secrets that professional jewelry photographers are keeping back from everyone. Start today and win the best customers!

First Course: Practice in a Studio
14 hours 27 min of video tutorials

This course – Jewelry Photography Part 1 – Studio Work is an extensive course in jewelry photography. As with most of the Photigy training, it is free form and as such, you get a real-world look at how product photography is created in the studio.

The first part is an introduction and a look at the equipment that you will need to begin to create jewelry based product photography.

Second Course: Jewelry Retouching
7 hours 40 min of video tutorials

Even the best of shots in the studio will still need Photoshop work done after the shooting is done.

Here in Jewelry Photography Part 2 – Post-Production you will gain the fundamental skills to finish the job. Even if you plan on sending your work out to a professional retoucher, having these basic skills will not only allow you to save time and money by performing some initial cleanup, but will put you in position to better communicate to the retoucher that which you want done.



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