Target Focus Training – Self Defence against Weapons Package

Target Focus Training – Self Defence against Weapons Package
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Police stats show life-threatening attacks often surprise you, leaving NO time for pepper spray or stun guns. The only "weapon" always available: your body! Knowing how to use it to instantly injure some gun-toting thug regardless of your size, speed, age or athletic ability means you NEVER worry about surviving an attack. Now Tim Larkin, a Master Close-Combat Instructor who’s trained 1,000’s of military, law enforcement and civilian clients in hand-to-weapon combat, gives you the tools to quickly control any criminal attacking with weapons. In his "Nuclear" Weapons DVD program you get simple, easily-mastered principles needed to put any attacker down regardless of how desperate the situation. You learn to ignore that weapon pointed at you, instead focusing on injuring the guy. Larkin pulls no punches in showing what you MUST do to beat a criminal threatening with a weapon, how you must do it, and why he guarantees you CAN! No gun, knife or protection device gives you the sense of POWER you’ll possess. Todd Davidson, an exec with Cisco Systems, Houston, TX, after taking a firearms training class from a renowned SWAT instructor said, "The guy challenged us to take his gun away using what he taught. After a day of training, no one dared but me, and I didn’t use what he taught. Instead I used what you teach in TFT and took the stunned instructor’s gun 3 times in a row without him ‘shooting’ me! TFT works!" Included are 8 DVDs: 1 on system Principles, and a 2-DVD set each for Firearms, Knives and Clubs (6 total). Each set shows basic principles for that weapon, general usage techniques, plus 20 additional techniques where you take down the criminal attacking with a weapon using only your own body weapons! A bonus DVD shows how to maximize your striking power!

Disk 1 – Principles

Disk 2 – Firearms

Nothing generates more fear in a violent confrontation than facing a gun! And that’s why we address many additional CRITICAL elements on this DVD that specifically apply to Firearms.

Disk 3 – Edged Weapons

On this DVD we cover everything you need to know about knives and other types of edged weapons (even things like box cutters – the ‘weapons’ effectively used in the 9-11 terrorist attacks).

Disk 4 – Impact Weapons

Once again, same format here. Included are all types of club, baton, stick and other blunt edged objects used as weapons.

Disk 5 – Leg Dynamics (Bonus Disk)

you can dramatically enhance your striking power, if you can significantly improve your stability and balance, if you can dynamically improve your reaction time. then you’ve just given yourself another edge that helps guarantee you walk away the victor.

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