The End of the World: Contemporary Philosophy and Art

The End of the World: Contemporary Philosophy and Art edited by Marcia Sa Cavalcante Schuback, Susanna Lindberg
English | March 29, 2017 | ISBN: 178660261X | PDF | 316 pages | 3.7 MB

The ‘end of the world’ opens up philosophical questions concerning the very notion of the world, which is a fundamental element of all existential, phenomenological and hermeneutical philosophy. Is the ‘end of the world’ for us ‘somebody’s’ death (the end of ‘being-in-the-world’) or the extinction of many or of all (the end of the world itself)? Is the erosion of the ‘world’ a phenomenon that does not in fact affect the notion of the world as a fundamental feature of all existential-ontological inquiry?

This volume examines the present state of these concerns in philosophy, film and literature. It presents a philosophical hermeneutics of the present state of the world and explores the principal questions of the philosophical accounts of the end of the world, such as finality and finitude. It also shows how literature and cinema have ventured to express the end of the world while asking if a consequent expression of the end of the world is also an end of its expression.

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