The Fundamentals of Web Front-End Development

The Fundamentals of Web Front-End Development
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HTML + CSS + BootStrap + JavaScript + JQuery to get you on the road of modern frontend design

More than 5 hours of lectures covering HTML, CSS, BootStrap, JavaScript and JQuery. You don’t need to know every detail of the topics to get started on building your website.

9 projects as assignments will force you to learn through yourself, whose knowledge will eventually retain in your body.

Why this course?

There are many web front-end courses out there. This course has the following features:

You don’t need to know every detail to get started. This course goes through the essential parts of each subject with examples, not to a wildly comprehensive level, but enough to get you started.
HTML + CSS + BootStrap + JavaScript + JQuery. A good package of skills and pretty much what you need to start to build a modern website front-end.
No detail steps for your projects. You have to rely on yourself to use the knowledge learned to build your own projects. This could be hard. However, you would definitely be able to achieve it with patience and efforts.

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