Violin for beginners! A new way to learn to play the violin!

Violin for beginners! A new way to learn to play the violin!
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Learn violin online with the detail it is taught in the most prestigious Music Schools and Conservatories.

“Violin for beginners” is an online course which introduces you to violin playing in a very detailed and progressive way. Even if you have no previous experience and knowledge about how the violin works and how we play it, here you will find most of the information you will need: you will learn how to hold the instrument in a most natural way, how to play on all the strings, as well as master a few popular songs. Along the way, I will describe how we read music notation and you will start reading music, however, you will still be able to play the songs at the end, even if your music reading skills are not fully developed (preview lectures 33 and 35).

Video violin lessons are a very convenient way to learn to play this beautiful instrument, as you have the freedom to go at your own pace, revisit particular lectures multiple times or skip parts with which you already feel comfortable. This course starts with an introduction of the parts of the violin and the way we make sound. After that, you learn how to hold the bow, followed by a few exercises clarifying the body posture and alignment, which leads to the violin position and the way we support the instrument with the left arm. All of that is explained and demonstrated in detail, with a lot of attention on anatomy and focus on the natural way of using our body. We continue with learning how to play on open strings, emphasizing the different parts of the bow arm movement. As soon as you are comfortable with it, you can start using your left hand fingers, play a few exercises on all the strings and start learning the songs. Since all of the exercises I am recommending are very intuitive, just keeping a regular practice routine of 15-30 min a day would be enough for you to pick them up quickly and help you progress by creating healthy habits.

This online violin program is supplemented with step by step exercises and practice sessions, where I demonstrate and practice along with you, with close shots on my hands and fingers. This way, even if something is not very clear in the explanation, you can see it working in action and get all the information you need. If something is still complicated, or if you feel that more detailed video is necessary, you can send me a personal message, or post your question on the discussion board. I, and my associate, Dr. Smiliana Lozanova, DMA, will be happy to answer all of your questions and consider your suggestions on how to make this course better. Once a month, you will be able to send me a video of yourself playing, and I will personally look at it and give you suggestions on the areas you need to improve, as well as how to do it.!%20A%20new%20way%20to%20learn%20to%20play%20the%20violin!.part01.rar!%20A%20new%20way%20to%20learn%20to%20play%20the%20violin!.part02.rar!%20A%20new%20way%20to%20learn%20to%20play%20the%20violin!.part03.rar!%20A%20new%20way%20to%20learn%20to%20play%20the%20violin!.part04.rar!%20A%20new%20way%20to%20learn%20to%20play%20the%20violin!.part05.rar!%20A%20new%20way%20to%20learn%20to%20play%20the%20violin!.part06.rar!%20A%20new%20way%20to%20learn%20to%20play%20the%20violin!.part07.rar!%20A%20new%20way%20to%20learn%20to%20play%20the%20violin!.part08.rar!%20A%20new%20way%20to%20learn%20to%20play%20the%20violin!.part09.rar

Download all parts from rapidgator, then open archive parts with WinRAR one by one and click on Info button to see part number of opened part. Rename it propertly and repeat procedure for all parts.

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