Zero to Infinity: A History of Numbers [Audiobook]

Zero to Infinity: A History of Numbers [Audiobook]
2007 | Course No. 1499 | 24 lectures | Duration: 12:01:56 | English: MP3, 256 kb/s, 2 channels | 730 MB
Publisher: The Teaching Company
Series: The Great Courses
Lecturer: Professor Edward B. Burger, Ph.D. – Southwestern University
Genre: Mathematics

Numbers surround us. They mark our days, light our nights, foretell our weather, and keep us on course. They drive commerce and sustain civilization. But what are they? Whether you struggled through algebra or you majored in mathematics, you will find Professor Edward B. Burger’s approach accessible and stimulating. If you think math is just problems and formulas, prepare to be amazed.

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