Zuzka Light – Guns and Pistols Workout Series

Zuzka Light – Guns and Pistols Workout Series
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Collection of Guns and Pistols workout with Zuzka Light

Guns & Pistols #1

Today we’re going to practice one of the most talked about bodyweight exercises the Pistol Squat. It’s one of the best exercises
for improving the strength of your legs and for overall athleticism. Remember that it’s a skill and every skill requires enough
time for practicing, so be patient with yourself. Some people have already pretty good body awareness, coordination and
flexibility which is an advantage obviously, but you can get there too by focusing on certain aspects of fitness.

The pistol squat becomes a really hard exercise for those who have limited mobility in their hips, knees, and ankles as all of
those joints are involved in the movement. The most common problem is going all the way down into the deep squat while keeping
the heel on the ground. I always suggest to do a longer warm up routine that includes exercises that will give you a nice stretch
in the entire back of your legs, and your hip flexor. Doing a few sun salutations every morning with some deep squats will go a
long way when it comes to the flexibility required for mastering the Pistol Squat.

Guns & Pistols #2

Here’s our easy workout of the week. Enjoy this routine, you’ve worked really hard and now you need to give your muscles some
recovery time. For those of you who are starting with a regular exercise, I would like you to put your heart and soul and all of
your energy into this workout. Sure it’s about to learn the form, but you can’t gain strength unless you show your body and your
muscles that strength is what’s being demanded now. Your body is incredibly adaptable to a new stimuli. If you sit in a chair
all day, your body is going to adapt and shorten all the muscles that are apparently no longer needed. If you exercise daily,
all of your muscles will become stronger in order to adapt to your new lifestyle. Show your body what your new lifestyle is and
don’t hold anything back. You’ll see the new you in no time.

Guns & Pistols #3

I hope you’ll have a lot of fun with another Pistol Squat workout and please try not to be jealous about my big butt pants.

Guns & Pistols #4

It’s our easy training day, and another chance for beginners to ease into our workouts. If you’re just starting, then it makes
sense to take it easy the first week, so I suggest that you start going through all the Beginner routines in the ZGYM first. Stay
consistent and do one workout every single day. It may take one week, two weeks or even 3 weeks, but eventually you’ll notice
that these workouts are no longer challenge for you and you’ll want to take it to the next level yourself. This way you will
organically grow into the high intensity routines that I do almost daily. Trust me when I say, that every one of us can gain
huge amount of strength in quite a short period of time if training consistently. Strength is the first step towards being fit
and even looking fit. To be able to reap the benefits of the short high intensity workouts you have to get at least to the point
of being able to do the exercises. As soon as you get to that point, sky is the limit and you can literally keep yourself in top
shape with these workouts for the rest of your life. Like I said before, fitness is not easy, but it is very simple. Train daily,
get stronger, stay fit forever.

Guns & Pistols #5

Here’s another really fun and enjoyable workout that you can be done with in less than 12 minutes. I have to say that I’m really
excited about beating my personal best for this workout. It’s so much fun to see how much I’ve improved since the last time I
did this routine. Try to at least keep up with me even if you’re out of your comfort zone. You need to learn to stay focused on
the workout and push yourself. I’ve met people that have a problem doing that. It’s as if they had a cap on the intensity at
which they exercise, and the way they explained it to me was “it’s like going into a panic”. They slow down and give up just when
it becomes hard, which is exactly what holds them back from getting visible and fast results. Believe me when I say that you are
much stronger than you even realize, so take the limits off of yourself and don’t listen to that voice in your head whenever it
starts telling you that you can’t.

Guns & Pistols #6

This is the last part of this series that I’m gonna be posting. This doesn’t mean that we’re done with pistol squats of course.
I will be including them in many of the future workouts, so don’t stop practicing. If you’re still having a problem with the
pistol squat, try my methodical Pistol Squat workout that will help you practice and get better. Have fun.

Guns & Pistols #7

This workout is going to be quite challenging but I believe that you can do it! If it gets really hard, you can always pause the
video, but I’d like to encourage you not to. Don’t forget to stretch your legs after this workout so that they’re not stiff and
sore tomorrow!

Guns & Pistols #8

This is a great workout for beginners, however even if you’re advanced, you can still do this routine and enjoy it. You can even
make it challenging for yourself and modify the exercises or pick up heavier weights. I have explained the exercises at the
beginning of the video, so make sure to watch carefully to see the proper form. Have fun!

Guns & Pistols #9

I hope you’re ready for the most brutal workout of this series! At least for me it was a hard workout and you can see my struggle
in the video. However I did not give up and so can’t you! Please bear with me throughout the entire workout and don’t let
yourself give up. You’re stronger than you think and all that effort will pay off big time, I promise. You’ll need a pair of
dumbbells (at least 5lbs) and a Jump Rope. I go over the exercises at the beginning of the video, so make sure you that try them
first and pay attention to your form. I don’t won’t any rounded backs, shrugged shoulders, or buckled knees. Get ready, let’s do






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